View Full Version : how do i access my old account in kingdom clash to my other devices.?

06-28-13, 09:16 PM
plss help me..
i want to put my account here in iphone to my ipad.
is it possible ti transper a same a ccount in a diff. devices.?
if yes how.?

07-03-13, 05:27 PM
Hi jherrex,

If you need a game transfer please contact our support team. ( support@firemocha.com ). They will be more than happy to assist you. :)

Please feel free to send me a PM if you have any further questions.


07-03-13, 11:53 PM
i already did sir.. thank u for ur response..

07-14-13, 12:25 AM
Yeah, I need this too because I had to reset my phone about 2 weeks ago and now I have lost the old account if anyone can help me get the account back my username was IAmTheDevil (don't worry guys it's just a username) and I was lvl 30 something pls help me, (btw I have already contacted storm8 support but have had no reply..) thanks