View Full Version : Level 83 stuck help please!!!!

06-28-13, 04:39 AM
whatever strategy i try it doesn't work, yet, the beginning is well done but when i pass the first rock line i don't know wht the bombs' ice doesn't crack when they fall on the rocks or the that ground?? please give us some hints team members because being stuck with only 5 trials and each one is 1 hour it's unfair in bubble mania it's only 30 min !!! why here it's 1 hour? :(

09-13-13, 03:33 AM
anyone passed the Level 83? I'm going crazy....!

09-22-13, 08:52 AM
anyone passed the Level 83? I'm going crazy....!

I can't get through it either, someone please help!

09-22-13, 09:02 AM
I'm stuck too. Desperately need help, please

09-30-13, 12:30 PM
Starting out on level 83 first thing you need to do is hit the potion bottle and select that block.
Then drop blocks on the right side releasing the zapper and then shoot it, opening the potion. Then hit the potion on the left side (dont release blocks yet).
Continue working back on the right side to release and shoot the next zapper. Hit the potion bottle on the left and then select the color block so the zapper drops.
Shoot the rocks.

When you get the first blender do not use it up on top, save it to use on the middle row where the charms are inside the rocks. The blender will destroy the 2 middle rocks and unlock the bomb and the bomb falls in the middle so you can use it to destroy the other 2 rocks.

For the next section you can drop the ice bombs and use the side zappers to unlock them and then save them to use on rocks. Or they will open from the ice if you drop them more then 1 space, a small fall doesn't beak it you need a harder fall of 2+ blocks.
It helps to move the regular blocks down the middle, releasing the charm and dropping 1 rock then do the bomb destroying 2 rocks instead of just 1.

I can't exactly remember the bottom (I'm out of lives and I did this level a while ago), but I think you try to save the last blender for the middle row to clear enough space to get you to the next zapper. Shoot that and I think those are your last 1 charms.

Good luck, hope this helps.