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06-26-13, 12:54 PM
Hey everyone!
I saw this game and it seemed fun. I decided to bring it back, so I take no credits for inventing. Here's the actual link to the game.

How to play-
1. There will be a question available.
2. Next player answers with a song title (and artist if possible)
3. The same player finishes off with a question.

Player 1: what's your favorite Fourth of July event?
Player 2: fireworks (Katy Perry)
What was the most recent thing you bought?
Player 3: mirrors (Justin timberlake)
Do you ever go swimming?
Player 4: some nights (F.U.N)
What are you doing?

And so on.....

All the rules are on the link above

Remember, only post after four people have gone.

Also, I didn't create this game. I just reposted it

START WITH: what are you doing?

06-27-13, 04:47 PM
Talking in Your Sleep (not mine) ???

What can't you do?

06-27-13, 09:16 PM
I cant come and get it.

What somg starts with r and ends with e?

06-28-13, 06:14 AM
I cant come and get it.

What somg starts with r and ends with e?
You don't have to say I can't come and get it. Just say come and get it
When you answer, the title of the song should do all the "talking"

The answer doesn't have to be true.
What are you wearing?
Suit and tie (jt)

I might be wearing pajamas ans might/am a girl but I can still say that. As long as it makes sense. Your question doesn't have to be song related if you don't want it to be

07-05-13, 03:01 PM
Radioactive by imagine dragons
How old r u ?

07-06-13, 10:50 AM
1+1 beyonce

Do you ever go swimming?