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06-17-13, 01:47 PM
I have a question about how the heart meter works. Is there a maximum on it? Say for example I'm at 4 hearts. I know I'll lose a certain percentage the next day. Can I collect a zillion hearts so my rating won't fall for a week, or do I eventually top out? Once I'm at 4 hearts am I just tapping hearts and getting nothing except the gratitude of my neighbors? (Which is a fine thing, of course), or am i accumulating the entire time? I would like to have a little more precision in knowing how it works and where i stand with the process. Does this even make sense? :confused:

06-17-13, 04:14 PM
I no longer play other TL games, but I did last year, and I had found a great explanation about the social rating in Restaurant story (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?24590-TIPS-4-STARS-FOREVER-(without-Maths)) written by fecsuper. I've always had the impression that the social rating (hearts, in Castle Story) worked the same way in all of TL games and used Fecsuper calculation to try and keep my social rating as high as possible during my holidays :)

I hope this helps, it would be great if others could confirm it too :p

06-18-13, 10:30 PM
Thanks! I get the general idea. From what I can tell, you CAN stock up on hearts.

06-19-13, 04:16 AM
Yes, I think you can stock up on hearts (or stars in other games). I used to be an insane waterer on Farm Story and kept a 4-star rating. Then, I didn't water for awhile, and it took forever for me to loose a star. Now, I generally stay near the border of 3 and 4 stars, and I can loose my 4-star rating fairly easily unless I go on a massive watering spree.

The thread linked above states that you loose social ratings each day. I'm not sure if that's right. I always thought you lost ratings as you gained XP. At least on Farm, people with abandoned farms keep their star ratings even without playing for months and months. Of course, I have no way of confirming my theory or the other theory. But either way--you lose social rating points as you play.

06-19-13, 05:16 AM
You lose some each day. If you don't log in it won't show the drop until the next time you log in.

06-19-13, 05:59 AM
Hmm. That seems to kind of defeat the purpose to me. If the only real benefit to a high social rating is that you look like an active player and get good neighbors, it seems like we should be able to tell who is inactive more easily.