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06-14-13, 02:35 AM
They are way too far and few between. I had over 500 bingo tickets, I'm down to 150 and I've only collected 3 items in that time. I've also only collected one item in the Easter room in the time it took me to gain 2 stars for the room. At this rate it will take me literally YEARS to complete each room. Any chance of making them more common??

01-26-14, 01:31 AM
When I started with Bingo Beach, I finished the collections with 40 tickets. On 1 or 2 games, i got 4 collectibles. I noticed recently, the collectibles are very difficult to come by. It took me literally weeks to complete 1 collection. :(

02-01-14, 06:22 AM
i completely agree. i started this game and got completely addicted. there was actually a good balance between the excessive playing and actually winning and moving forward in the game. I finally beat Paris and now on the Santa level...and when I once thought, "ok I'm noticing they're not easily appearing like they used to, but I'll keep playing...," and now it's like "ok, I've definitely hit the point in the game where I'm starting to feel like all of the angry reviewers (pissed off about how the game is a rip-off, etc). Do you guys know how many more lvls are left? ALOT. And I want to actually play them...not just try a game here and there at 6 tickets a bingocard...Soooo can you guys please make a update soon like "bug fixes" but really increasing the probability of us getting a collection item?!

PLEASE!!!!!!!! :) xoxo :o You still have a chance as keeping me as a very devoteful Bingo!-playing fan.

Thank You!