View Full Version : Lost drops when ads pop up.

06-13-13, 07:47 AM
When the game opens up and you start playing you are soon interrupted by an ad for another game that you have no interest in or you would have it already. When this happens I have found that you lose the drop that was in progress when the ad popped up. I just lost a golden apple this way!! I hope this bug can be fixed or that you can restore the golden apple to my inventory.

06-13-13, 11:58 AM
Oh, I hate when that happens! This also apparently triggers some sort of resync, and you may see energy change (usually up), but other things can also get lost in the shuffle.

Wrong forum, but Bakery Story does this a lot, I've opened up my screen and started getting items off the stove, only to have multiple items suddenly go bad after another window popped up... The games should all watch for some inactivity by the player before jumping in with screens, and more gracefully apply the resyncing, preferably in the player's favor should there be some discrepancy.