View Full Version : Energy Ever Notice Up & Down

06-09-13, 04:39 PM
Ever notice for a few days you are struggling for energy to complete your tasks, then suddenly one day you are almost maxed on energy, your wizard scrolls need collecting, and most of your resource buildings are currently tied up, what you can collect you are maxed out on, and you're just sitting there wondering what to do. It's happened maybe 4-5 times to me and just wondering if it ever happened to you. I do need some rocks and sap but I don't want to waste my energy chopping trees and rock piles when I could collect from my mine and sawmill but the other items it will kick out are maxed and I hate to waste them. What would you do? Go wash your hair or do the dishes? Hee-hee!

06-09-13, 04:47 PM
Well if I had extra energy I would paint my toes. The constant beach days are a nightmare on pedicures!

Maybe we should delete this as we wouldn't want TL to think we have too much energy and not enough to do and take it all away! That would make me cry and I'm not a pretty cryer.

06-09-13, 05:03 PM
I could use some beach days but there ain't many in the Lone Star State...Howdy! Actually I have severe back problems and since October 2012 only been out of the house about 15 times and all but two were doctor appointments. Did all my Christmas shopping online. I must say my hubby is an excellent nurse and does all the cooking and cleaning but he did that anyway before I got sick. He says it relaxes him and I say "go for it then!" He'd love to be a chef and watches all the cooking shows.

06-11-13, 02:04 PM
Sorry to hear about your back problems bbarra. Constant pain is awful. Have you tried your local pool? Floating in water has been reported to help with some back pain. Better if it's the ocean due to the salt but if you can't get to the ocean then a pool might be nice alternative. Big hugs to you :-)

06-12-13, 04:24 PM
I wold just use the energy on what you need.. Remember the energy regens to a max so not using now is like losing it if you hit the maximum.. So use it for what you need unless you forsee a need in an hour or two.