View Full Version : dragon story fairy tale. food costs and all costs outrageous!

06-08-13, 07:48 PM
tried to feed level 8 fuzzy dragon 2500 for each feeding. i think we feed them 5 times each level.  that is 11,500 food for level 8 - 9.  are the team lava people crazy.  4 million for fairytale habitat anx who jnows if we will get  one.  expansion prices crazy.  and why isit cheaper to expand on some levels than than others

06-08-13, 08:38 PM
costs 960 per feeding. 5" feedings per lvl to evolve lvl 7 trickster to 8. but it costs 720 per feeding to evolve magic from 7 to level 8. the feeding amounts for the same level feeding amounts are different for most dragons

kooky panda
06-09-13, 11:39 AM
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