View Full Version : Do i need to keep EVERY version of Dragon Story??

06-08-13, 11:02 AM
1. Is there a good reason to have every version of Dragon Story installed on my phone?

They are using up waaaaaaaaay too much of my phone's storage:

Dragon Story: 43.81MB
DS New Dawn: 36.05MB
DS Spring: 45.25MB
DS Fairytale: 45.77MB

2. If, for example, I haven't bred all of the dragons released in the "Spring" edition, and i uninstall it, will I no longer be able to breed them in the later editions of the game?

3. If I go back to using the original version, am i still able to breed any/all of the new dragons, or are they only available in the newer versions?

4. Can I just keep the latest version, delete all the older ones, and be able to breed all of the dragons?

And finally...

5. WHY are there so many new versions of the entire game to download--why not just update the first version??? It seems like a ton of duplicate MB are being downloaded again with each new version, when they could just add a few new MB of new content into the original version...

I will not be able to download any more versions of this--or any other--game, as my phone's memory is full. Further, its now so slow that i cannot even leave my island, or the whole game freezes up and crashes. I have already deleted any and all unessential programs; but Dragon story versions are literally taking up 90% of the storage on my phone!


06-11-13, 10:22 AM
5 first.
If all the players download the game again, it boosts the rankings in the App Store / Google Play stores.
It's a way to get new players involved in the games :) .

I'd suggest trying to complete all of the goals on one game, although it actually tends to be best to use just the latest version that they publish. Once you've completed all the goals in the special editions (which, in future, I'd suggest doing ASAP after you've downloaded it), then you can delete all but the most recently updated version and use that to play the game.

Many phones also have SD storage if you're concerned about memory - you might like to look into that if your phone has only a couple of GB memory.

06-11-13, 10:30 AM
You can breed all dragons for android in DS: Fairytale, and keep ND to feed your dragons.

06-11-13, 10:43 AM
You can breed all dragons for android in DS: Fairytale, and keep ND to feed your dragons.

This. Just use the most current version of the game ( Fairy Tales at the moment ) and use ND to feed your dragons. TL will probably not release another update for Fairy Tales and will probably " update " the original version next.