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06-05-13, 05:09 PM
Is anyone else having a problem where some goals in the Goal Book are popping up telling you to breed an retired dragon? I've had a Dream Dragon goal pop up after the dragon became retired! I really dislike having goals I can't do! On my other newer account, after the Four-Leaf was expired, the goal name was "Luck and Found". Luckily (ha-ha) I had enough gold to skip the challenge, but I don't want to skip it in my best account and lose the gold I was saving to buy a Treasure Dragon! Has this happened to anyone else, or is it just me? Are there any ways to solve this problem without skipping it? Or do I just have to keep it in my Goals Book forever?

I hope TL fixes this!

06-05-13, 05:19 PM
TL will remove the goals for you if you email them so don't use gold to skip them.

06-05-13, 05:53 PM
Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We just removed "What Dreams May Come" from the game. "Luck and Found" should already be removed.

06-07-13, 08:09 PM