View Full Version : Is this a sync issue?

05-27-13, 09:12 AM
Twice today I've began to use energy on actions around my kingdom for it to suddenly reload itself or shutdown and I loose the energy I spent AND the collected items to disappear. I can cope with loosing the energy from the watering or a new tree, or even loosing 6 hits on my troll, but I was really disheartened by the disappearing manticore egg that dropped from the roost.

I've not had this before, am I doing something wrong. Can I prevent this from occurring?

05-27-13, 10:01 AM
Thats not cool. It is a sync issue. If i havent played for a few hours it usually needs to sync again. I have found that if i visit a neighbor it will force a sync. That way if you collect afterwards you dont have to worry about it syncing right after you collect. Otherwise it syncs fairly soon after you start playing again, do the mundane stuff that takes time first and then do collecting from important objects last. Thats my advice and only way i know to prevent losing good stuff from it.

05-27-13, 11:45 PM
Thanks. I'll ensure I force sync. No more eggs, but I did get a 2nd ruby and a Ali horn. Maybe the game is trying to make it up to me.

05-28-13, 12:09 AM
This happened to me for an entire week back when we were playing the valentine edition then told to switch to the current blue/green version. I even started waiting for the sync knight to gallop by before I would perform anything or force a sync by posting "test" on my wall but it didn't matter. At some point all my actions would reset but none of the energy, sometimes the full 30 was not returned. The other problem would be that I wouldn't get the same items once I re collected. I posted the situation on my wall and was told by several people that the samee thing was happened to them or one of their neighbors. At first everyone thought it was their devices but I was pretty sure it was because of the update especially now since the latest T&T update made my coins and lanterns disappear. I'm now nervous for a few days every time there's an update.