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05-24-13, 08:36 AM
Is it possible to permenantly block the quest pop-ups for other TL/Storm8 games?

I've been asked in the past, and currently more than once if I want to install Fashion Story/Fruit Mania / Bubble Mania / Jewel Mania / Castle Story / Slots / Solitaire / Mah Jong Chef.

Frustratingly, I tried installing Jewel Mania, Bubble Mania and Slots to get rid of the pop up and quest, but next time I open Dragon Story, it still asks if I want to install the game! which means installing a game I have no intention of playing just to get rid of the pop-up and quest from dragon story it was a waste of my time

I understand the need to advertise other new games, but if I click close the first or second time the pop-up opens when I open Dragon Story, I'm unlikely to change my mind and install the other games on the 8th,9th or 10th time I open Dragon Story.

a simple tick box "don't show me this again" would be enough, and then not show the extra game adverts, or perhaps an option in the settings perhaps?