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05-23-13, 10:30 PM
Hi ^^ I've read some threads saying that this game is hard, I'm on level 73 and not gonna say it was easy, but I wanna share some tips with you, feel free to share yours here too, so others can reach higher levels ;)

First of all, I believe there are a couple things that matter in finishing a level:

I've noticed that, despite there are similar features in a level, sometimes the blocks gather in larger groups randomly, so it takes luck to have same colors together or a lot of different blocks, don't get stressed for this, it's a matter of chance!

Believe it or not, this is not a game where you just "tap" and win, it requires certain things, and here go the tips:

Observation: levels are tricky, don't just tap on the blocks, OBSERVE what is keeping you away from the goal and change the way you approach to it.

Keep an eye on the goal: it is easy to get excited about tapping on the blocks, but suddenly the moves are over or so, don't forget which is your real goal!

Set priorities: levels can have different features, for example bees, obstacles, babies in boxes, etc. Watch carefully what goes first, if moves, if color blocks, if bees, and stablish an order for it.

Each level has something tricky, try and find it out, but follow these advices:

Try getting large sets of colors: this will help to clear your screen and get the blender faster.

If the amount of blocks is limited (meaning that blocks don't fall anymore), try to avoid leaving single blocks on vertical lines, or you'll get stuck,

When you've got bees on a level, see if you'll run out or moves first. If your bees have more moves than your general moves, then leave them.

I'll update this later, gotta go

Hope you find this useful, for now :cool: