View Full Version : Level 36

05-22-13, 01:40 PM
I cannot get more than 5 charms, i ran out of moves!
Does anyone has hint to give me? Please!

06-12-13, 12:51 PM
I finally passed this level after weeks of trying, and then I tried to launch the lext level, the game glitched and I lost my progress, still trying to pass it AGAIN!

06-12-13, 01:07 PM
I'm on level 32 trying to find the seven charms. I get 6 of them and still have either 14 or sometimes even 12 rows left. How did you finally get past this one? Does the blender help at all on these levels?

07-16-13, 05:11 PM
My questions exactly. Bummer there's no one here to help.

Kierajean, that totally sucks. I'm sorry!