View Full Version : Loosing coins, properties, xp's(???)

05-22-13, 03:29 AM
Hi I just started to play DS like three days ago and from the first day until today I to all my frustration experience coins, property, xp loss. Even when I pay for extension I see the pop up for "loading" disappearing and the coins as well. @one point I saw 20.000 coins disappearing. This problem always occurs when ever I purchase something (whatever it is crops/food, expansion, banners, buildings) then a pop up with "progress" appears and the item I just bought is gone or the service I just paid for (removing trees) stops.
I already did a hard reset, removed the app and downloaded it again. My device is an ipad3 and the version DS I play on is 1.4. I also send an email to teamlava but no response yet. Thinking about quitting this game cuz it's getting quite annoying..

Any suggestions would be very very welcome!
ThnX in advance...

05-22-13, 01:01 PM
OMG such a great game to play but keep loosing my coins is getting really really annoying! Teamlava or someone please help!