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kooky panda
05-19-13, 03:57 PM
I am starting a new thread as per a members request:

My energy will not refill anymore. I am at blunderbay reef level 107. Already tried re-install the game but no succes. Everytime I start the gamethe clock starts ticking again. Could you maybe help me ?? Thanks in advance and kind regards fronneke

kooky panda
05-19-13, 03:58 PM
I will report this over, since you have have already try deleting and redownloading the game.

Edit- Fronneke- Please send an email to support@teamlava.com so they can check your game.


05-21-13, 05:12 AM
The problem is solved. I had to have the latest update to play again but it took a long time for the latest update to arrive in Belgium. Thanks for your help. Next time I will wait a bit longer before asking support. . Regards

kooky panda
05-21-13, 05:19 AM
I am so happy everything is good!!

10-10-13, 07:53 PM
Level 114 on android but can't find the next island tried reloading but no luck can you help please and thankyou

10-10-13, 08:42 PM
See your other post: