View Full Version : Need to cut down on the purchase's of habitats

05-19-13, 02:46 PM
On dragon story, I have coins in the 2,000,000 area. Last week I got the cosmic dragon and now I just need a habitat. But it's a problem for me and probably other people that play this game to because you just don't enough coins to get stuff you REALLY need!!!
So my cosmic dragon has been in the nest for two weeks and STILL don't have enough coins to buy a habitat. I think TeamLava needs to cut the coins and gold purchases on things to buy.

kooky panda
05-19-13, 04:11 PM
You can add your suggestions for the game on the current Dragon Suggestion thread. (http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?51338-Dragon-Story-Suggestion-Thread)