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05-18-13, 08:45 AM

I am having some problems with sending gifts and wondered if anyone could help.

I have 91 friends yet whenever I try to send gifts it says I have already sent them a gift today or that they have recieved all the gifts they can. I have tried sending them at different times but the most I have ever been able to send is 5 - message comes up 86 of your friends weren't sent the gift etc...

I live in the UK and at first thought it might be to do with time difference but after trying at various times it hasn't helped and I find it difficult to believe that every time people have accepted all their gifts.

It also means that I get hardly any gifts back since I can't send them to people which is really messing with my progress in the game. Sending requests seems to work fine so it looks like just gifting is the problem!

Has anyone else had a similar problem or know what to do?

05-18-13, 08:56 AM
There is a daily limit of 3. I believe If you try to sent more the system randomly selects nbrs. I always gift 1 at a time. If my nbr is maxed i will get a message stopping me.

05-18-13, 06:54 PM
Please see this thread (http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?39218-Can-only-send-3-different-gifts-per-day&p=446227&viewfull=1#post446227) on the gifting limit.