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05-16-13, 08:20 PM
Firstly, i wan to thank the discussion site for helping me out by providing information since i started playing dragon story, but maybe its time for me to quit DS due to a few reason.

Food cost: The food cost, with many recent updates, all the dragons have ridiculous food cost. Just think about it, you need so much food just to get it to epic form, For example the new Black Swan Dragon, 15000 food at lvl7, 35000 food at lvl8, 62500 food at lvl9? That add up to a wooping 112500 food, nt even counting the stages before. How do u expect us to get it to epic form? Okay, so if u spam diamond dates this is what u will have considering using 6 enchanted farms, u get 4500food for every 450000coins. How much coins are you gonna need? You will need 11250000coins just to get it from adult to epic and its only one dragon. Well, maybe if u have the time to check back DS every few hours to collect coins then it might not seems to be a problem, but nt all of us have the time to do that.

Colour code: Now with the frequent updates, its seems that the colour code is getting ridiculous too. With almost every dragon they release now is using the split colour system. Its almost as if they forgotten about the simple colour system they use in the past, like blue and purple give you blue/purple results. If they make a few dragons with splitting colour rule its okay, but all? I know it might seems challenging to have this rule but too much of it is spoiling the fun of the game. Its like it turns from challenging to confusing. Just my say.

Limiting the non-limited: Why is TL removing those old dragon like the Quetzel, clown, seabreeze and so fourth? Are they gonna remove all the old dragon 1 by 1 until all the dragon left is those using split colour? Idk. Just dun understand what TL is trying to do here.

Thanks for reading this thread. This is just my personal opinion, nt meant to discourage anyone from playing DS but just to tell everyone how i feel and reason i quit DS :)

*i still like the designs of the dragons, so awesome!

kooky panda
05-16-13, 08:28 PM
Oh I am sorry you are leaving the game. I hope you keep checking in on the forum.
If you do decide to come back, your game and Dragons will be waiting for you!http://www.forumsextreme.com/images2/sAni_dragon2.gif