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05-13-13, 03:22 AM
Good day TeamLava,

I would like to make an appeal if possible to have my gold back because i accidentally click finish button for a land expansion. The cost of it is more than a hundred of gold. I email you already guys just an few minutes ago and would be happy to get a feedback from TeamLava about my situation. I am an avid player of Dragon Story since I downloaded it. Please accommodate my appeal and would be very thankful and grateful of you guys. :-) My id is jsoulless and Ataraxia is the name of my Dragon Story.

More power and success to TeamLava! You guys are doing a great job about this game!

J Sales

05-13-13, 03:25 AM
I'm really sorry that this has happened to you. Unfortunately it's not something that we can help you with on the forum. You've done the right thing by emailing support as they can look into your game.