View Full Version : What do you need for camp?

05-11-13, 10:01 PM
Simple rules. What do you need for camp?
List what you need to bring (can be wacky) and other poster will tell why it is important.

Poster 1:You need lint.
Poster 2:You need lint to start a fire. You need rope.
Poster 3:You need rope to make monkey bars. You need designer clothing.
Poster 4:You need designer clothing just in case if the ghost of George Washington shows up.
And so on.

Please remember to follow ALL forum rules especially "Wait until four other poster post" rule.

I will start,
You need a old stinky sock.

05-12-13, 10:34 AM
You need a old stinky sock in case a bear comes by and you need it to die because of the stink

You need me (lollipop_rp)

05-19-13, 05:25 AM
You need lollipop_rp for someone to talk to!
You need kitkats!

05-19-13, 03:36 PM
kitkates are good for chocolate fondues.

You need toilet paper with chcolate stains

05-19-13, 03:51 PM
toilet paper w stains r good for cast and also u can suck of it! win-win.;)
U need book covers.

05-19-13, 04:26 PM
To make a fire
You need grass (I love to make things hard :D )

05-21-13, 01:28 PM
You'll need grass to feed your cows!!!

You need a piece of red oak tag

05-22-13, 10:49 PM
u need red oak tag so u can tag any red oaks u find

u need sprinkler

05-25-13, 01:24 PM
U need a sprinkler so u can have a water party.
U need a balance beam

05-30-13, 09:11 AM
You'll need A BAlancebeam to balance on a beam.
you'll need a Calandar

05-31-13, 04:23 AM
You'll need a calendar to check the date
You'll need a pet

06-01-13, 01:12 AM
You'll need a pet to keep you company
You'll need the forum!

06-10-13, 07:38 AM
You'll need the forum to check what's going on.

You need a camper

06-14-13, 09:21 PM
You need a camper so you have a fridge to store your perishables.

You'll need an old man

06-15-13, 04:17 AM
You need a old man to keep you occupied by telling stories.
You'll need a stick

06-17-13, 09:44 PM
you need a stick for a tooth pick

u need a shoe box

06-24-13, 11:47 AM
You'll need a show box to collect all of the amazing herbs you find.

You'l need a piano.

06-25-13, 04:24 PM
You'll need a piano to crash on any criminals trying to steal ur food

You'll need an annoying little sister

06-26-13, 07:34 AM
You'll need an annoying little sister to keep you up in case you need your piano to crash on the criminal that comes in the middle of the night!

You'll need Scooby-Doo

06-27-13, 10:16 AM
You need scooby doo
To help you solve a mystery

You need a cow

06-30-13, 06:29 PM
I need a cow for milk
You need a IPOD

06-30-13, 08:16 PM
You'll need an iPod to see in the dark.

You'll need a sticker.