View Full Version : Level 37

05-11-13, 02:16 PM
Can anyone please help me, how do you get the colorbom boxes open?

I tried this level so many times i think about deleting the game

Hints how to pass this level would be realy cool thankss

05-12-13, 10:06 AM
Color match with fruit, ie yellow box with yellow fruit

05-17-13, 12:47 PM
I have tried matching yellow box with yellow fruit and the boxes do not break open......am I doing something wrong?

05-18-13, 05:16 AM
You have to drop the box two levels. So if you have two fruits under it the same color, get that color next to one of then and once you tap on them the box should fall two levels (onto something hard) and open. Or just blast it with the blender. It will open.

05-20-13, 09:40 PM
Has anyone figured out how to pass level 34?