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05-09-13, 12:42 AM
This is such an awesome game - I really want to play it... but... I'm out of energy......... :mad:

Ok sure energy replenishes after time... but wait... it seems like it is "capped" at 5 (so regardless of how long I leave it, it's still just going to be 5). When the game is not pure strategy and relies on the very biased computer algorithms (i.e. fill the bar with yellow juice, only to have green juice available - save 14 creatures in 40 moves, yet I spend 4 turns and there are zero creatures on the screen). Is this game just setup to annoy you so much that you purchase energy?

We can purchase gems and coins - leave it at that teamlava. Remove the energy requirement (both in purchasing and in the time limit) and if we want to spend all day working on this game than allow us to enjoy what you have created. The more we are able to play, the more I'm sure people will purchase coins and gems - the less we are forced to "not" play - the more people will just leave the game. Or is that what the company wants?

05-10-13, 02:10 AM
No, the company wants you to spend money on buying gems so you can top up on energy when you've run out. You know.... When you're on the verge of winning a level because your nearly completed it three times in a row, but now you've run out of energy, and if you could just have a few more goes, surely you'd complete that level... Then they hope you'll spend some money on topping up. It's a pretty good strategy, and every now and then I do spend money of team lava games. But having recently accidentally spent lots of gold in jewel mania I'm not spending anything at the moment...

05-11-13, 08:49 AM
got 1hr for 1 energy....it is toooo looong......