View Full Version : Level 50

05-06-13, 07:46 AM
This one doesn't seem impossible, but I've been stuck on it for a day or so. I'm wondering whether there's strategy I'm not getting about using the side zaps and color blasters. The first time I tried the board I came within one move of winning, and I'd just used the zaps and blasters the second I saw them. It seems smarter to save them, but since I've been doing that, I've been falling way short at the end. Any thoughts about how to best use them?

05-07-13, 06:18 AM
Update: I did get through this one. I think there was a lot of luck involved, but I did find that I got consistently closer when I used the zaps and blasters early instead of using up moves bringing them down the board with me.

05-07-13, 06:50 AM
Great advice. You helped me beat it!!!!!! I beat it with my last move.

05-07-13, 08:28 PM
OMG thank you. I'd been on this one for two days!!

05-13-13, 06:03 AM
Wish I'd looked for this thread earlier! Yes - I too wasted lots of moves on bringing the side blasters and detonators down... Definitely use them as they appear!