View Full Version : Challenge for 157 lvl but I'm at 79 lvl now!

05-05-13, 04:08 AM

Today I've got challenge for 157lvl but I'm not even close to that level - I'm at Forbidden Headland now and haven't done 79lvl yet ( was busy with closing up goals on previous island ) . Looking for the fix - because of this challenge bug it blocking other challenges to come out for the level I'm in!

Yesterday in the place of that one I had fruit mania challenge "Reach 10th island" there. I'm almost done it (two levels till 10th island). And there is bugged something , and suddenly goal is changed for 157lvl one :(
I've reinstalled the game, restarted my device ( iPhone4 ) and this bug is still exist for me. Any chance to fix it, please?

05-06-13, 04:00 AM
Still not fixed :( Any chance to look up at this please?

05-07-13, 06:26 AM
Thank you for the fix :) really glad that you've helped out! <3