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05-02-13, 08:33 PM
I'm starting this thread to consolidate info, tips & tricks for the Blueflame Shrine island. Here's a link to a Level 64 (http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?51050-Need-help-with-level-64) thread. Add others as discovered/created...or ask questions about this island here! ;)

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Found another thread for Level 64 (http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?42254-Level-64&highlight=Level+64) you might wanna check out...

05-02-13, 09:07 PM
Here's a Level 66 (http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?42161-Level-66&highlight=Level+66) thread,

And here's some talk about Blueflame Shrine levels (http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?41688-New-island!!!&highlight=Level+66) in general. Mostly complaints on this one, but misery loves company, lol! (And you won't feel alone, haha.)

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Here's a Level 62 (http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?46979-Level-62-HELP!-What-are-these-doom-gems-all-of-a-sudden-How-do-you-avoid-them-Thx!&highlight=Level+62) thread w/doom jewel basics.

And a Level 63 (http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?42469-Level-63!&highlight=Level+63) thread.

And one for Level 65 (http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?44517-Level-65...UGH!&highlight=Level+65).

05-02-13, 10:27 PM
I'm re-posting the info for level 64, slightly modified. I originally posted it at the 1st thread link above (in comment #1):

It's been awhile since I played this level. But I took a quick glance: you have 46 moves to get 55,000 points. "Barriers" are getting thru crates at the top...with doom jewels in them that detonate after 20 moves.

Since there are limited moves before the doom jewels blow, you have to smash those crates quickly. Ideally, you start with a board that has moves right next to the crates. If you don't have a move flat against the crates, don't touch the board--press pause, then restart the level. It shouldn't take an energy if you don't make a move (it doesn't for me, but I heard it does for some. Hopefully you can restart "for free!") This way you get to the doom jewels faster & clear them.

You can also use special jewels like blasters & bombs to get thru crates, either alone or in combinations (blaster + blaster, blaster + bomb, etc.) Diamonds matched with blasters or bombs are also great, plus they help boost your score! Or, if you have a diamond & a doom jewel's about to blow, match it to a jewel same color as doom jewel to get rid of it (diamond clears every jewel of that color on board.)

So, keep pounding away at the crates 'til you can clear the doom jewels (okay to make special jewels, just keep an eye on doom jewel countdown.) After doomies cleared, it's usually better to make matches toward the bottom (as gems fall in they make "bonus" matches!) Also concentrate on making special jewels...blasting/clearing away as many gems as possible for a big score!

Good luck! :D

05-18-13, 06:21 PM
Oh, God!! Please help me!! I am sooooo stuck on level 66...ugh!! A few times I have gotten 3 out of 4, but I can't get the last crated glass jewel!?!?!

05-18-13, 09:13 PM
Oh, God!! Please help me!! I am sooooo stuck on level 66...ugh!! A few times I have gotten 3 out of 4, but I can't get the last crated glass jewel!?!?!

Hi, I remember this level being pretty tough. When I played it, I didn't know about combining special jewels, or how great diamonds are (see Jewel Mania-basics (http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?41251-Jewel-Mania-Basics) if you haven't read it yet.) I used to think diamonds were kinda worthless, lol! The way they clear every jewel of the color you swap them with comes in mighty handy in levels like this, where you need to break glass and it's separated from the main board. And horizontal blasters (from a vertical 4-jewel match) are practically mandatory for this level.
Here's a pic of 66:

The only other thing I would add to the basic strategy of using blasters and other special jewels (and combinations of them) is to start with a good board. What I mean by that is to make sure you see, as your first move, a doom jewel match, a special-jewel-creating move, and/or moves towards the bottom of the board (if the only moves you have are at the top you'll waste moves...plus, when you make matches towards the bottom you often get "bonus" matches as the replacement jewels fall in--sometimes "special jewels.") If you don't have a "good board", restart the level. It shouldn't take an energy if you don't touch anything...

The board in the picture has a yellow doom jewel match, and once you make that one, you can match at least 3 green doom jewels (choose the ones w/lowest counts on timer.) Keep an eye on the doom jewels, but get started on making special jewels soon as possible. Besides, once you start blasting the glass off to the left, you'll also be blasting the remaining doom jewels. So, a balance is prob the best way to go... If other doom jewels drop in, take a look at the timer on them. Sometimes, the timer is more than the amount of remaining moves...so you don't have to worry about the doom jewels at all (unless you "bought" extra moves at the end or something...)

Most of all, don't lose hope. Some boards are "luckier" than others, and eventually you'll get the perfect board at the perfect time. You probably have more trouble getting the upper glasses off to the side, rather than the bottom. So, if you get a diamond, you can use it on the color jewel you have the most of (off to the left,) or whichever one is remaining or hardest to get to...

Good luck! :D

05-21-13, 01:21 AM
Btw, to restart a level, press "pause." Then when the menu comes up, choose the 1st round button (with the arrow) to restart. Sorry if you already know this...just wanted to be thorough, lol!

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What does that mean? (I'm seeing strange characters in your message...) :)

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[QUOTE=Phaedrakiki;733095]What does that mean? (I'm seeing strange characters in your message...) :)[/QUOTE

why i hold in level60??

09-10-13, 09:45 PM
Sorry, I still don't understand your question. Are you asking why you're stuck on level 60, and cannot go further? A little more information might help to answer that. But anyway, if that's your problem, are you getting a message, perhaps about stars? You have to earn an average of 2 stars per level (total,) so go back and play some 1 or 2 star levels again to increase your overall #of stars. Is your Jewel Mania game updated? Perhaps you need to update to the latest version (1.1.7) of the game. You should always try these things first (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?58263-guidance) when you have problems/issues (check out this link, I just posted the info yesterday.)

And finally, if this doesn't help, email support@teamlava.com. Be sure to include more details about your problem, as well as your device, what you have tried, screenshots of the issue (if you have them,) etc. More info about reporting can be found at the links in the post I linked to above.
Good luck!

12-24-13, 08:51 AM
I just started level 61 and am having problems with the Doom Jewels. Can someone explain how to get rid of doom jewels? The game doesn't explain it very well and it seems that I am not allowed to make a match with them. Is this a bug or do they not match?? I would love some help with this level. Thanks!!

12-25-13, 09:11 AM
Hi LucyMarie, you should be able to make a match with the doom jewels. You can also clear them with blasters (arrow jewels,) bombs, or diamonds--by swapping diamond with a jewel the same color as the doom jewel. (Diamonds clear all jewels on the board the same color as the one you swap with.) So, perhaps you have a bug. First, be sure to try all the things shown in the prev post link ("try these things first.") Good luck!