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05-02-13, 09:14 AM
Hey guys, need some help.
A few days ago I got the magic garden quest. I started expanding just to find out that the magic garden tile itself requires 1080 royal points. Well, i'm only at 429.
How do you get to 1080? Do I really have to get a bunch of the same royal buildings over and over again? Cuz that's gonna be alooot and I don't even think I would have enough space for that :( or is there some other trick to that?
It's hard enough to juggle between quests with only 30 energy.
Any advice?

05-02-13, 09:16 AM
Put in some walls and stuff that don't need the workshop to craft anything. They'll boost your royal points

05-02-13, 09:31 AM
Add some watch/lantern towers they require 3 block 3 beams and will boost royal points. 3 more and you'd have over your requirement. Also maximise wall allowance (white wall and towers give more than stone) wall cost coins but not constuction material. You can always delete at a later stage to make room for building with higher royal points.

05-02-13, 09:34 AM
Walls and other royal decorations add very little though. I still have a lot to catch up to... Walls could help maybe more toward the end. Other than that I guess royal buildings are the only thing that can give a bigger boost?

05-02-13, 09:35 AM
Alright, thank you guys!

05-02-13, 10:49 AM
I think you have already reached a conclusion but I just thought I'd a little bit -it sounds like you're at about the same stage in the game as I am and I had exactly the same issue with getting my royal points up for the minimum effort, cost and time outlay. I had a read of the forum and came to the same conclusion as has been suggested, towers are the way to go, for very little crafting and only 5000 coins you get 60 points and I was able to whip up 3 towers in about two days of real time which was a few hours of game time and got 180 points quick as anything, when I need more points again I will do the same thing again. I would suggest you read some of the threads about the magic garden as once you have it and start collecting it can trigger changes in the royal exchange that mean it takes longer to get trade tickets and if you want tinker camp etc it seems to be better to get all your trade ticket purchases out of the way before you go for the magic garden, quite a few other players made this comment so I'm personally trading fruit like mad to get tickets and saving the magic garden for later.

05-02-13, 10:50 AM
Forgot to say, if you get short on space you can store buildings in your inventory and get them back when you have the room, they just won't be earning you anything.

05-02-13, 11:46 AM
If you dont want to build multiple building, i recommend expanding to the tablet first. Then try to build every royal building at least one of every types. That's what i did .

05-02-13, 11:58 AM
@bluebellgirl Thanks, I appreciate the insight! Good to know that about the magic garden. In that case maybe i'd really rather focus on other stuff and leave the magic garden for later. Also if it may trigger longer exchange I should really wait. I'm still working on the "trade tickets" and "royal proof" quests. I have 39 out of 50. It'll probably wipe off both of the quests out of my list once I get to 50. I always exchange eggs and dairy cuz I find it more convenient, but it takes 2 hours... Can't imagine the frustration of even longer exchanges.
Anyways, just finished building another lantern spire. About 10 more to go... Doesn't hurt to have them ready for when I decide to open the magic garden :P just wish I didn't have a billion other quests that require those woods/rocks lol :)

@wassupbaby thanks, i'm on my way trying to get there. 2 tiles away... Slowly but surely ;)

05-02-13, 12:48 PM
If you're planning to save gems up/buy gems for a wizard school (or already have one), I would suggest making the extra effort and building libraries instead. They may be pricier, but they have better earning per hour (as well as less energy used overall) than the towers plus they will provide the spellbooks for upgrading wizard schools. Also make sure to have two sparkling mines and sawmills if you do not already as the earlier you get more resources, the better.

05-02-13, 01:16 PM
I went with towers (before the wizard school came out)

05-02-13, 01:53 PM
I'm short on money and don't know when or if i'll get to the wizard school. I'm afraid going for libraries would most likely hold me back with expanding and other quests that require quite alot money.

05-02-13, 02:06 PM
I did have to go through a period where all I did was collect resources and building rents to get my coins up but once you get a decent number of buildings the coins flood in and I don't have to wait too long to pay for most things. I have 13 buildings to collect coins from now. The point about libraries is good as you do need loads of spell books to upgrade the wizard school ( that's one of my next priorities after I've upgraded hatchery & stable so I will undoubtedly build another library) but if coins are an issue the library gives 90 royal points for 15000 and 3 towers give 180 points for the same coins. A tip I picked up is to not try to do too much at once, pick a goal or two and work on them, I now make a note of what I want to achieve, in order, and concentrate on those things. If you struggle with the urge to collect and tend everything that has a little coin Or watering can hanging over it put some things away in the inventory so you can't see them. All my chickens are stashed away at the moment as the hatchery is producing enough eggs to keep the royal exchange busy and it uses too much energy to collect form 9 chickens.

05-02-13, 02:42 PM
I had the same problem with royal points. What I did is built a bunch of towers and displayed them when I was ready to expand. Then I put them into storage so I didn't have to look at 20 towers I didn't have room for. yes, your royal points drop back down when they are in storage, but just pull them back out next time you need to expand and your points will go back up. Then put them back. Repeat.

05-02-13, 02:54 PM
I had the same problem with royal points. What I did is built a bunch of towers and displayed them when I was ready to expand. Then I put them into storage so I didn't have to look at 20 towers I didn't have room for. yes, your royal points drop back down when they are in storage, but just pull them back out next time you need to expand and your points will go back up. Then put them back. Repeat.

I didn't know this about the points as so far I haven't needed to put any buildings into storage so thanks a million for saving me a heart attack when I eventually do and then notice I've lost points. This forum is sooo useful to learn tips and tricks I spend as much time in here as I do in the game. It's a great way to pass the time waiting for more energy but unfortunately,it doesn't get the cleaning done!

05-02-13, 02:58 PM
@bluebellgirl68 : reading your posts makes me miss the time when i had to think about everything. Strategy how to earn coins, which buildings to build first , how to spend energy wisely , which goals to focus on etc ...
Well, now it's super easy for me , dont need to think much , dont have to worry about coins or royal points, only few goals left ...
Yeah, i really miss that . It was a strategic game , i can spend hrs and hrs just to think about what to do with my kingdom...

05-02-13, 02:58 PM
Anytime! And if you do happen to find a way for the Forum to do your cleaning, please share!!

05-02-13, 03:23 PM
When you need a lot of blocks and beams, remember to upgrade mines and mills. Mines give better once upgraded. Level 5 mines give me earth wisps.
I did not immediately upgrade both sawmills, but now level 5 mills keep up better and I don't chop as many extra dead trees. At level 3, the mills were not much improved from level 1 but by level 5 there is improvement. They are hard to upgrade, but don't give up.

I recommend upgrading mines and animal buildings first as you need so many products from them.

For royal points, you have gotten good advice. Towers are easiest but you can later sell them and buy what you really want in your kingdom, so it isn't all cluttered.

05-02-13, 03:28 PM
After a while, you'll notice you're getting royal points really quickly. I'm at 3000.

05-02-13, 04:10 PM
It's funny there are so many ways to go with this game and they're all so tempting. I'm just having a hard time leaving quests unfinished and I don't like waiting so long for resources, but I guess I have to remember that the game takes time on purpose. Oh well... One step at a time :)