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04-30-13, 11:58 AM
I bought a second Magic Forge yesterday to help me reach the Princess goal. I then sold it today after finishing forging something and AFTER building the wizard school and when I tried to add a new kitchen it said I was at my limit. I would normally assume adding the Wizard School would be the reason but I still had the second forge working when I built the wizard school. Please advise!

04-30-13, 04:50 PM
Max 2 each. 2 forges, 2 schools, 2 kitchens. You can't have 3 kitchens, 1 forge.

05-01-13, 04:47 AM
Hope this helps

Resource buildings are limited to two of each type. So selling mills will not allow you to build more mines.

Craft buildings are limited to two of each type except the love shack and tinkers camp which is limited to 1 each.

Town and royal buildings are limited at a group level not a specific building level. Love Spires are royal buildings so they fall under the royal building limit.