View Full Version : Island 9- level54

04-29-13, 08:01 PM
Even though i accidentally blew up all the gems for other games i earned by fruit mania so far, i am still trying hard to finish the final goal, reaching island10. After beating lots of difficult levels, i'm finally so close to it! But level 54? Sigh...seemingly easy but always get stuck! How can i beat this level? The colors get all connected( l am trying not to but hard to avoid) and i can't keep some blocks for later use...

04-30-13, 02:59 PM
3rd try and done :) now i can delete fruit mania from my phone :)

05-01-13, 05:23 AM
Congrats! I just decided to use gems just to get out of this asap and success! lol i'm free too

05-05-13, 06:57 AM
I'm stuck here as well!!

05-07-13, 02:39 AM
Finally beat this level without gems. Look carefully when the level starts to see the colors on top of the box in the top 2 or 3 levels and be sure to leave enough fruits so those can be cleared. Clear the right most column with a blender if several babies are stuck on top of the boxes so they tumble down. I tried to clear in alternating colors near the bottom of the screen (leaving the top ones) until the screen moved up and the numbered blocks were visible to strategize from there.