View Full Version : Skunk cake

04-27-13, 02:01 AM
What's the difference between skunk and non skunk cake?

04-27-13, 02:02 AM
The non shrunk one tastes better


04-27-13, 02:03 AM
And you aren't left pulling out fur from between your teeth after eating it.

04-27-13, 02:17 AM
funny! But is there a difference in how its crafted.

04-27-13, 06:19 AM
One has an off putting smell and the other has a pleasing one.

If you're asking about the skunkless apple pie then we're only able to craft that one. There have been skunkupine pies gotten from trade with bella donna but we can't craft those.

04-27-13, 11:21 AM
I forgot to mention the non skunk version has a ton of calories where the skunk version is high in protein. So the skunkie pie is better for you, but like some healthy food, you'll need to hold you nose to stomach it.


04-27-13, 11:43 AM
Y'all are too funny. lol