View Full Version : Level 103.Bubble Mania. Plz help

04-26-13, 05:01 PM
I cannot seem to have enough bubbles once I get to the final locked are on level 103 of Bubble Mania. Can some one offer some advice please.

08-15-13, 08:50 AM
Me neither!! Don't seem to have enough bubbles to even get to the top part! I've read someone's help on how to do it but they didn't make sense haha

08-16-13, 05:02 AM
Okay, I don't remember what's been said before, but here are my tips:

General Bubble Mania principle, helpful in many levels including this one: With a few exceptions, once you eliminate a color from an unlocked section, you will stop getting bubbles of that color. Which means that sometimes you will want to clear all bubbles of X color just so you stop getting X-colored bubbles.

Specific tips for level 103:

- First section, get through the locks as quickly as possible.
- Get to the locks as quickly as possible. Try to get the plus bubble, but don't stress about it. It's only 3 bubbles, after all, so don't waste more than a couple bubbles trying to get it. IMPORTANT: Pop the lightning bubble BEFORE you unlock all 4 locks! Otherwise it will take you forever to get the colors you need to break through the right-side ice wall.
- Third section (which is the "hardest"/most wasteful due to all the colors): Focus on getting to the lightning bubbles. You're going to get one of each color in a long rotation, so just throw the colors you don't need off to the side where they can be out of the way. Once you've popped a lightning bubble, go back to focusing on the locks but also remember to get rid of colors when you can. The star bubble is not essential, but it can help you eliminate extra colors.
- Fourth and fifth sections: Clear colors, get to locks. DO NOT open the top two locks, because that will unleash the dripping tar bubbles, which is just unnecessary.

This IS a hard level, in terms of having enough bubbles, but if you shoot carefully and don't make too many mistakes, it can be done.

Hope that helps!