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04-21-13, 06:58 AM
Anyone know why the items needed to build Thurston Fort have been collected and yet the build button is not highlighted to click? This is the second time I've encountered this and my other building that never did give me the button to click I just ended up deleting .posting question here because emailing support is useless. Sent 6 email to them never got any response ever.

04-21-13, 08:21 AM
Sometimes it seems like you have all the materials but actually it is not true. It may be a display issue where instead of showing the correct items, it is showing a few coins. When that happens, you can either force close the CS app and open again for it to display correctly, or go to the sticky goal thread and find out what are the real items needed.

Thurston fort needs
1 Balista
3 Builders Paste
5 Royal Beam
5 Royal Block

So if you have enough, you should be able to build it, no matter whether there is any display issue or not.

04-21-13, 08:29 AM
If the correct items are not showing and your build button is grayed out then you will need to force close your game and open it back up. That will cause to correct items to show and allow you to build if you have them all.

**to force close your game:
1. Close the app
2. Hit your home button twice
3. When the menu that shows up on bottom of you screen tap and hold the app icon until it shakes
4. A red minus symbol will show in the top left corner, tap that to force close the game.

It's also a good idea to clear out those other apps occasionally too. If you have a lot running in the background it can slow your device down and suck you battery life especially if its an app that requires web access and you only use wi-fi.