View Full Version : Bakery story- ovens from last season

04-19-13, 08:21 PM
I would like to know if the oven which makes sheepish cupcakes and chocolate bunnies will be made available or if it is hiding in one of the gift boxes. I'm currently at level 74 and I am seeing a few neighbors who are at a lower level than I who have this oven. Please let me know if its obtainable or maybe u can consider making it available again. Thank u!! Cc's Sprinkles (marthacelia )

04-28-13, 11:45 AM
it was limited time, you had to buy it at Easter time last year.

05-18-13, 08:24 PM
I understand there is an item limit for the inventory of 30,000. Granted it will take some time to acquire that; however, to have parts that will never be able to be used because the appliances have been removed is absurd. Not to mention people are still gifting them. I know with certainty that I have DECLINED parts yet they are accruing in my inventory. I am also bothered by the people that begged to be added as a neighbor only to never accept the invite AND to have apparently quit the game as well yet they are still showing as pending. They should be removed.

It would be fantastic if TL could allow players to dump unwanted items OR bring back the appliances so the parts can be used.

05-21-13, 12:23 AM
Those parts are still available for gifting because some people still have the version of the game that lets them buy the appliances that need them, and they would still need to request them if they wanted to build more. I have the xmas versions of BS and RS on my ipod; I was still buying those appliances in April, and needed the snowflake knobs and gears and santa hats and mittens, while at the same time people were begging for those very parts to be taken out of the game just to get them out of their way. If that had happened, I'd be stuck forever with my unfinished boxes. :\

Now, getting out the junk you've already accepted and have sitting in your inventory but know you'll never use, that's yet another suggestion that gets brought up over and over again, and never seems to get a response other than "Maybe someday!" :\

The inventory limit is actually 32,767 per item. It doesn't take long to reach that on food items, about a month for cappuccinos, less for higher serving foods, but quite a while longer for parts. Seems like an odd number, but there's a reason (http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?14238-If-u-save-all-your-gifts-please-read!&p=120305&viewfull=1#post120305) behind it. :D

Pending invites... we've all been begging for something to be done about those for a long time now. So far, we've gotten nowhere. People have suggested a 14-day auto-expiration, manual deletion, everything. I dunno. *sigh*