View Full Version : Should we reduce number of hearts can bi liked ?

04-17-13, 05:45 AM
We can like 5 buildingd per day,
With limited buildings and long time to collect,
It's easy to be full.

I have many active neighbors visit me,
And it's troublesome to collect buildings or put them in storage and take out,
I think it's better if 3 or 1 building can be like for each player per day.

04-17-13, 06:08 AM
What I do to clear buildings faster is to place low level ones like farms into storage and then place them in my kingdom. I don't get gold or xp but it doesn't take energy and I have buildings for people to help.

04-17-13, 08:02 AM
I think it would help if non-neighbours could help less buildings than neighbours. At the moment they are the same.