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04-15-13, 07:45 AM
Hi guys, I love the game but I feel there are a few things (mostly with interacting with friends islands) that would make the game a lot more enjoyable especially as we have to wait so long for things to happen in the game.

1. It would be cool if we could help clear our neighbours islands! If we could click on a tree a day and either speed up the time taken to clear it, reduce the cost or even clear it all together! I know that the giving of map pieces may be an attempt at this but I honestly think we should be able to interact with and help our neighbours islands more!

2. It kind of annoys me that we cannot gift more than 3 people a day (unless this is a level restriction) as sometimes all your neighbours will gift you but you can only return the favour to 3 which makes me feel a little ungrateful!

3. It would be wonderful if we could earn a secondary nest somehow... I haven't really thought that one through yet.

4. I agree thoroughly with others suggestions in an ability to cancel breeding or an egg instead of having to wait for it to hatch or at least be able to sell it for whatnot is worth to buy, that goes for everything, if you are forced to buy a decoration for a quest you should be able to sell it back for what you bought it for or at least half the cost.

That's currently all!!


04-15-13, 07:53 AM
#1-3 are good, but #4 gets TL support from me. u r nor forced to buy decor, its a choice.

04-15-13, 07:54 AM
oops... not^ forced

04-18-13, 02:39 AM
For TL to implement ideas they really need to have a business case. Here are some of my thoughts and TL should benefit by selling more gold.
I’d love to see ideas like this, rather than cheap ideas like gold traps.
I’d like to use gold with the idea of getting something in return, not ripped off by something useless.

Trading Post Upgrade – Transmute;
How I see this working is you can send a Dragon through the portal with a selection of gem(s) and have a dragon return transmuted into something new.
TL can make money by start selling Gems at the market at crazy prices. While we can all attempt to make something we don’t have and possibly using our existing gem supply.
This acts as a gem sink which is probably an issue for TL on advanced players.
I’d see things transmuted to equal level e.g. rare to rare. TL may want to leave Ultra Rare off the list.

The Transmute option would be on the left side of the screen, similar to the breeding den and selecting a gem would mean transmute rather than sending them through the portal forever.

Breeding Boost change;
I think for most of us Breeding Boost is an unknown… we simply don’t see the results of our attempts and don’t trust it. I think make this available to people with 2 nests. The Breeding Boost will create 2 eggs, not 1.
The requirement is 2 clear nests. TL win here as everyone needs to buy the second nest at 250 gold, and we get to see the fruits of our attempts.
I think the brooding boosts cost would need to be reduced as moment they crazy… well maybe they aren’t but I have no idea what benefit I get now.

Gem Prospecting when clearing areas;
Send a Dragon in to clear an area and return for Gems / Coins / Gold. Having a chance of getting some coin back clearing areas would be nice. I’d see this working the same way as the Quest area.
Could encourage people to clear spaces.

This is some ideas I had the other day.