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04-11-13, 12:47 PM
Hey everyone!

This is just a fun game that is similar to jeopardy. The main difference is the giant board with the points for each answer.

RULES: How to play
- All the rules of forum games must be followed.
- GOLDEN RULE:You can only go after four people have gone after you!!!
- The first person will start of with an answer or word. The word can be any word you like!
- The second person writes a question where the answer Is what poster one wrote.
- The second poster also posts their own question.
( I don't know if the rules seem to make sense but maybe an example will help?)

Poster 1: Apple
Poster 2: What kind of fruit do you make apple juice out of? (I know it is easy)
Poster 2: LifeJacket
Poster 3: What do you need in order to be safe in case your boat sinks?
Poster 3: Bubble

So as you can see in the example, everyone after the first poster can post a question for the previous word and their own word

I will start- BUBBLE

04-11-13, 01:51 PM
What is your outcome when you blow soap?

Word: dress

04-11-13, 04:03 PM
What is your outcome when a girl decides to "Dress up"?

Word: Snail

04-29-13, 09:41 AM
What do "Snails" eat?
Word: Food

04-29-13, 12:37 PM
What do you need in order to live?

Word: Lollipop

04-30-13, 04:06 PM
What is a sweet hardy candy on a stick?

WORD: mud

04-30-13, 05:02 PM
What's a mushy mix of water and dirt?

Word: Leaf

05-10-13, 07:49 PM
What part of the plant is used during photosynthesis?

Word: Barbie (like the doll)

05-16-13, 01:53 PM
What girl does Ken the doll like?

Word: chicken

05-22-13, 12:39 PM
What do we eat with a ch in the beginning of the name?
Word: Corn

05-22-13, 04:22 PM
What grows in prairie fields?

Word: Google.

kooky panda
05-22-13, 05:59 PM
Please remember to follow the rules and wait until at least four other members before you post again.

05-22-13, 10:20 PM
what do you ussually use to look stuffup on theinternet?
word: TRAIN

07-01-13, 07:55 AM
What do you use to travel from New York to Washington (worst experience)


07-01-13, 10:54 AM
What's a possible food to eat with eggs and bread,in the morning?

Word : Fairy