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04-08-13, 07:25 AM
This game is in some serious need of attention. I'm sure that the developers see all of our duplicate postings, and it seems that everyone has the same issues.

I've "lost" more than 500 gems due to items not placed; it crashes frequently; we want further expansions; etc.

How do you expect people to continue spending $$ on something that's so messed up? People, there's a lot of other well-designed pet games out there. We need to abandon if issues are not resolved.

Flood the net with information.

Now the freakin forum keeps crashing. What a waste of money.

04-08-13, 07:36 AM
And while I'm at it, I haven't had a new goal in two weeks. I'm not dumping any more cash into this until my problems are resolved. I would appreciate a personal explanation. I know it's not Panda' s fault, but our issues should be brought to the attention of someone who can actually repair them. What is it figured that 500+ gems are worth? I may dispute charge with the bank.

[S8] Elsa
04-08-13, 10:20 AM
Sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues, rsschenaol. Please email support@teamlava.com regarding questions about Gem losses and technical issues. Our Support Agents will be able to walk you through some troubleshooting to help identify the problem. Please include your Storm8 ID and make sure your game is connected to a stable connection.

04-08-13, 10:26 AM
For any Gem or purchase issues contact our customer support at support@teamlava.com. Also let them know any other issues you are having.
As for updates, we don't know if or when there may be another update. Some devices run the game better than others. It can be the device its self or the device not having a solid connection to Wi-Fi or a cellular network. The best thing to assist the playability (which should be done for all apps on any device) is to close all open apps on the device before opening another to maximize resources. Restarting the device will help with this too.