View Full Version : Breeding for Gold Contests

04-07-13, 04:18 PM
Are these open to everyone, or are they randomly assigned to a majority with each new contest? I haven't seen a contest pop-up on my game since the Cupid contest, though I have had Winner announcements for most since then. I'm on Android, playing the latest update to the Original DS

04-07-13, 04:23 PM
No it seems even the contest popups don't always show up even on the iOS side. So you're not missing anything, unless only a certain % of people see them, which is silly as many people do not come to the forums to know that there is a contest going on. Now, since we can't craft the gem dragons, it doesn't matter if we get those popups (though Android Users do buy gold for these dragons as was shown with the Amethyst dragon), I don't care if we see those contests or not, but I'd like to know about other contests even though I do visit the forum A LOT! :)

04-07-13, 04:54 PM
Fair enough. Not that I've actually been able to enter any lately, being busy enough trying to get all the disappearing dragons...

04-07-13, 05:23 PM
I usually get the popups and hate them because I already see it in the forum. But that's just me, obviously not every player comes to the forum daily.

And I'm not sure Android users have always bought gemstone dragons. It was a pricey gamble but it paid off for a few people.

04-08-13, 04:39 AM
Like you guys, lately I only know there's a contest because I check the forum. I don't always get the pop ups either. I think TL should let everybody know if there is a contest on.