View Full Version : DS Breeding Repetition

04-07-13, 03:26 PM
I applaud all those dedicated DS enthusiasts. You know, the DS players that continue to breed dragon after dragon, only to be awarded with 50 of the same dragons; those players that spend hours enjoying the game; post helpful tips/advice; those players that spend real currency on DS. My hat off to you. However, there comes a time when frustration over-shadows the enjoyment of the game. For me, that is where I now find myself. Really, TL? Introducing multiple new dragons when so many players are still working on obtaining "older" dragons is a little ridiculous. Or is it greed? I have gotten the same dragons since level 55( currently @ 64). It's time for this DS player to take some time away from this game. So back to my beloved other consoles (PS3, Xbox, & PS Vita), where I can bask in the enjoyment of consistently completing goals/achievements (without spending excessive funds). However, I will continue playing other TL games during my hiatus from DS! ;)

kooky panda
04-07-13, 03:31 PM
Sorry to see you are leaving Dragon Story!!

Hopefully you will come back later.
Your Dragons will be waiting for you!!!:)