View Full Version : Can not complete Ivy's Hut

04-07-13, 05:05 AM
If you see a bug in Castle Story, make sure to report it with the following info:

1) Your Storm8 ID: LordAndrei
2) Your device type: iPad 3, VZN 64
3) Your device OS iOS 6.1.3
4) Step-by-step of what happened before the bug occurred:
Built all components of Ivy's House: fancy beams, living wood, super glue, coins
Still saying "Buy all 480 Gems" with build button dimmed.
Seems like with all components, gems shouldn't be required.
5) Screenshots, if possible: forthcoming. Can't paste from iPad.

04-07-13, 05:07 AM

04-07-13, 06:14 AM
I had the same issue last night when trying to upgrade another building. I'm also on iOS and I force closed the app, when I reopened the app, it was back to normal.

kooky panda
04-07-13, 07:47 AM
Try force closing out your game, you should not be seeing coins as an option to upgrade.

12-17-13, 11:27 AM
I cannot start with Ivy's hut at all. I collected all exotic seeds and nothing happened. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Next challenge says plant 5 plants around Ivy's house, but I don't know where it is. Should I just plant them anywhere and this is where the house will start to grow?
Please help

12-18-13, 01:57 AM
Plant them anywhere - Ivy's not picky :)