View Full Version : The prices are to high!

04-04-13, 07:44 AM
Finally, it of pure luck, I've gotten the mythic dragon. Now I go for a habitat so I can continue for the other two I was trying for.. 6 Mil? Really? I couldn't afford that for a long, long while! Even with the night dragon I could only afford the smaller habitat.. But this one doesn't get a smaller one? I'm getting a little discouraged, and that sucks because I really love this game! I would love to make all my dragons epic and get that.6 mil in no time, but I'm more focused on getting the mythic egg out of my nest and to do that, I have to save money. Which means to food, which means no epic dragons, which means... Well, you get the picture. Anyone with any helpful suggestions, feel free to share.

04-04-13, 08:24 AM
I personally plant Buffbeats or Fireapples so the food doesn't cost more coins than I can make so I can still save up a good deal of coins. The feeding does go somewhat slowly, but this way is a compromise between saving money and being able to eventually epic up most dragons. I would concentrate in feeding rares and super rares first which generally have better silver returns, and would evolve expensive to feed dragons last such as black, pink, light, and gemstones. Hope this helps.