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04-03-13, 07:46 PM
Pls keep RS the way it was with parts, where new ovens would use one existing part. This makes gifting more useful because there's a reason to continue to gift basic parts even to players level 99 who otherwise don't need anything. The trend the last few stoves to use new parts for each oven like BS does is bad - it clogs the list with a bunch of parts no one wants after the first week or two and that are annoying to get. I find gifting parts in RS more satisfying than BS - in BS gifting is boring and tedious and I always get the feeling I'm not giving anything of value by giving basic parts that people likely don't need any more and will never use again. Or I try to guess what one time parts a mid level player might use next. Giving capp is easier. I would hate to see RS turn into that - one game like that is enough.

In general, RS is a lot more enjoyable because of little things like this, at least to me and I would really request you don't turn it into BS with the gifting or the prices. 70k tables and items are really not fun. One of the best things about RS is that I can redecorate often and not go broke - usually anyway, except just lately with the hugely expensive tables. I spent almost 1 mill today decorating and now I'm broke. That's not challenging, it's tedious. Pls keep RS the way it was!

04-12-13, 03:51 PM
Yeah, I ran out of money several times buying things mostly for goals to open up new stoves

04-14-13, 05:21 PM
There are so many gifts listed now it takes forever to get to the end of the list. If even just one part of a new appliance is a basic part that would help. Or, at the very least, put the new giftable parts at the front of the list. There's like 20 pages of gifts now. Way tooooo many!