View Full Version : Same Dragons over over & over

04-03-13, 05:49 AM
Why is TL making it very hard on the players in getting what they need? If it's not Firestorm, it's Love. It's horrible & getting past old. Five days of the same dragon is, well you fill in the rest. Thx TL for making it harder than it should :(

04-03-13, 06:52 AM
While it's possible to get the dragon you want the first time or even the 5th time, it usually doesn't happen that way. I've had Wizard happen a few times in a row. Yesterday, I had 2 Virtues back to back. Getting the same dragons over and over again, is just part of the breeding game. It's not unusual and it's not unusual for it to take days or for some, weeks to finally get what you've been breeding for. Some players buy gold to speed it along, some don't, but it's just all part of the game, as frustrating as it can be. Good luck getting which ever dragon it is you're after!!