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04-03-13, 05:28 AM
TL. I am admittedly not one to pay for in app stuff... I did however purchase gold to get a second nest, and would love the option of a second evolution temple. I have a ton of level three dragons, but never seem to be able to evolve any of them!

kooky panda
04-03-13, 05:40 AM
This would be really nice to have!!
This is something that has been passed on and has not been ruled out .

See this thread here (http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?47591-Dragon-Story-Ideas-and-Suggestions!&p=560977&viewfull=1#post560977)

04-03-13, 11:23 AM
Thanks kooky panda. :)

01-02-14, 09:06 PM
Thanks kooky panda. :)
Yes I agree with jay. Even I have a very long queue waiting to be evolved. My suggestion would be giving a 2nd evolution temple or cut the evolving time to its half or have a fixed time ( say 6 hrs like trading portal) for all types of dragons. Pls TL something need to be done immediately

01-08-14, 09:28 PM
I think that a fixed time (6h) is a better idea than a 2nd evolution temple : some dragons like virtue take really too much time !

01-26-14, 12:19 PM
I just did a head count, 25% of my dragons are level 3 and waiting to evolve to be useful. I would save up and buy a second evolution temple for sure!

01-26-14, 05:36 PM
I have about 15% of my dragons (133) that are epic, I have 4 virtues that alone will take 132 hours back to back, my one diamond needs 2 more evolutions, I would definitely think a set time would make the best change

01-30-14, 11:22 AM
A second spa would be nice too. During tournaments my IR list for dragons is insane.

04-10-14, 11:28 PM
Think since nothing is happen on this, the evolve time should be reduce to 6 hour like the trading time. Have spend so much gold to speed up and I am done! To hard to evolve a dragon tree times, like virtual 3x33 hours, take all the fun of the game and make it to expensive �� and whit all the fail you make too and the waiting time it just get bored.
Now you have to make money but this is to much!

04-12-14, 02:30 AM
I agree I had so many level 3 dragons that needed leveling up to 4 so could be useful that I have stopped breeding so I can catch up. Annoying thing is that most are then just being sent to trade for gems. I think a 2nd temple plus being able to trade before they reach level 4 so we don't waste temple time on dragons we are just getting rid of would be great make the game a lot more fun.

04-28-14, 03:59 AM
Would be a great idea!
I'm playing the game only since 3 weeks and had this tought already!
I would be open to both of the above mentioned solutions.

(If i made any mistakes in writing...english is not my mother thonge :o )