View Full Version : Vanishing Gems

04-02-13, 02:45 PM
One of the "interesting" sub-texts of this game is watching gems disappear that you do not intend to spend. Have you noticed that the screen jerks from time to time causing you to land your finger where it was not aimed? I have watched this happen when my I-Pad was flat on a table with no shaky hand involved. Or just a touch will trigger a speed up even when you are nowhere near the speedup button. One strategy to try to avoid this is to never collect your coins and stuff by tapping. The rewards will fly away to upload soon enough anyway. The suggestion to keep everything far apart is a good one but not really practical as you have only so much room. I don't mind buying diamonds for Bakery Story because I do get to decide how they are spent and I get something for it. As gems vanish into thin air with nothing to show for it except a speedup I didn't want or need it is a frustrating rather than a fun experience and certainly doesn't motivate me to buy more just to watch them disappear.

04-02-13, 03:00 PM
No... I have not noticed any jerking of the screen, or things sped up when my finger isn't neat the speed up button. I have been caught when tapping to collect coins accidentally speeding something up though.