View Full Version : Missing Silver Coins

04-02-13, 07:54 AM
I was just wondering if there is an issue with the game. I had over 200000 silver coins, which btw too me a few days to accumulate, and when I went in this time I was down to 21000. Is this a bug? Will I get my coins back?

04-02-13, 08:50 AM
Did u buy food or a habitat? Expand or clear?
If answer is no to above...have u tried delete and reinstall game?
Other than that I have no idea, sorry.

04-02-13, 02:44 PM
Was this before or after the gifts and pop-ups? My game usually shows my island briefly before the gift screen appears, usually with 1,000,000 xp, 9 gold and about 10% of whatever coins I have. After I have answered requests/gifts the numbers have been retrieved from the server and are all OK