View Full Version : Bug: Unable to upgrade some buildings

03-30-13, 08:38 AM
Castle Story 1.1.2; iOS 6.1.3/iPad; IAP: enabled; Notification Center: disabled;

Short description: Each building has list of several items as prerequisite to perform building upgrade. User can force application to display wrong resources which prevents upgrade.

Easy solution: restart device and then start game again.

Bug reproduction steps:
1. stop/kill process
2. start Castle Story
3. select building that should be upgraded and does not have Coins as prerequisite (ex. Observatory needs 10 MermaidScales, 10Jewels, 2RoyalBlocks, 2RoyalBeams)
4. open Observatory upgrade-popup-window tapping on GatherMaterials button
5. close upgrade popup-window opened in step 4.
6. select some other building that can be upgraded and requires Coins as prerequisite (ex. Mine Lv.3 which requires 3FancyBeam, 1GoldenNugget, 3FancyBlock, 75000Coins)
7. open Mine Lv.3 upgrade-popup-window
8. close upgrade popup-window
9. reopen window from step 4. which now display invalid prerequisite list

Note: this is not minimal number of steps to reproduce issue. Step 7 preforms buggy irreversible operation. Problem is correlated to resource slot #4 and Coins resource.

Hope this helps