View Full Version : Why do you keep taking away ALL of my GEMS?

03-29-13, 03:18 PM
So this is the second time now that this has happened and I'm getting ticked off! For the extra gems I have loaded the games that pop up. This morning I started BubbleM with 55Gems, before loading the prompted Fashion story Earth Day game. I loaded the game, went back into BubbleM and received 30Gems as my reward which now puts me at 85Gems, I beat level 8, was awarded 5Gems, freed 3 babies, was awarded another 5Gems, for a total of 95Gems. I bought a boost, extra bubbles 4 times (6gems a pop) and a refill of energy. This totals 66Gems I spent. 95-66=29...yet I have 9Gems at the moment, seriously? This is the second time this has happened, I was blown off the first time and was too ticked off to pursue it because they obviously weren't about to correct the problem and now here we are AGAIN!!! I can guarantee they won't do anything this time either, except maybe try to tell me that I was mistaken and wasn't keeping track and of course it can't be a problem on their end of things.
I know they won't do anything again.
Geez what a serious disappointment:mad:

03-29-13, 03:45 PM
We are sorry to hear about your issue with the game and highly suggest you contact Customer Support which can be found at support@teamlava.com. We apologize for the inconvenience.