View Full Version : Watering?

07-07-10, 12:14 AM
This may be one of the stupidest questions ever asked here, but what is the function of watering? I just can't find out!

07-07-10, 12:32 AM
If your crops are watered, they're worth more when you harvest them. You'll also receive additional XP for them. As you can't water your own crops, you'll need others to do that for you. Members of the community can water 5 crops, neighbours can water 10 crops (or tress and flowers). So if you need a lot of water on your farm, get lots of neighbours!

The more people you water, the higher your 'star' rating. That means when others see you in the community, you'll be near the top of the list and they're more likely to water you back.

So, in short, you get more coins and XP.

07-07-10, 12:38 AM
Thanks for your answer, it explains everything!