View Full Version : In Bakery Story--choosing what foods go on the right counters

03-23-13, 07:49 AM
I have started using some colored counter and I really like them, but have found it hard to place the right food on them. I have been putting them in storage when adding food, but that is a lot of work. I haven't figured out how to clear a counter without losing the food. Can anyone help, please? my ID is bbsbb

04-21-13, 06:59 PM
You cant clear a counter without loosing food, nor can you store a counter and save the food. All you can do really is continue storing you counter until you finished served your food, eventually you should be left with only your colored counters.

01-11-14, 04:00 PM
thats why were suggesting...(sorry if ur one from the TL)

pls merge...